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Terms & Conditions

PAYMENT METHODS accepts payments through the following:

Please email the bank deposit/OTC slip or a screenshot of the online confirmation to so we can process your order.


Please ensure that the contact number specified upon check out is correct.

Upon receiving your order, a representative from will contact you via

call/e-mail to confirm your order and determine the specific delivery date.


Due to the pandemic (COVID-19), please note that delivery services are overwhelmed at the moment, delivery times are slower than usual.

  • For Metro Manila residents, please expect the delivery within 7 working days.

  • For residents outside Metro Manila, please expect the delivery within 15-30 working days.

Any guarantees made as to delivery times are subject to delays resulting from unforeseen events or force majeure.


For damaged/defective books please do not write on the pages and/or remove parts of the book. 

We would recommend you to call our Customer Service team at Phone: (02) 8525-1649 and let the representative know the details of your order.

Our Customer Service team would also require you to provide visual evidence (e.g photo, video) of the books in order to expedite the process.

Defective items can be returned within 5 days from the date the order is delivered.

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