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Solita A. Frias


Other Accounting Books and Instructional Materials
By: Solita A. Frias
1. Basics of Cost Accounting and Control (2017 Edition)
2. Introductory Accounting – Sole Proprietorship (Second International Edition 2010)
3. Textbook in Auditing Theory (2008 Edition)
4. Practice Set in Practical Auditing (2012 Edition)
5. Practice Set in Introductory Accounting – Sole Proprietorship (2010 Edition)
6. Entrepreneurship (2010 Edition)
7. Textbook in Auditing Practice
8. Practice Set for Accounting Cycle (Manual and Computerized)
9. Practice Set for Partnership and Corporation
10. Textbook in Business Finance (2012 Edition)
11. K to 12 Curriculum Compliant (2016 Edition)
a. Textbook in Basic Accounting 1
b. Textbook in Basic Accounting 2
c. Textbook in Organization and Management
d. Textbook in Business Ethics

Solita A. Frias
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