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Dr. Mariano M. Ariola

LL.B, Ed.D, L.P.T.

A. Degrees:

(1) Bachelor of Arts (AB), FEU, 1965
Major: Philosophy
Minor: Psychology
(2) Bachelor of Science in Education (BSE), NU, 1967
Minor: English
(3) Master of Arts in Education (MAED), UNC 1971
Major: General Education
(4) Bachelor of Laws (LL. B.) UNC, 1987
(5) Doctor of Education (Ed. D.) UNEP, 1978
Major: Administration

B. Unfinished Courses (Academic Requirements Completed)
(1) Master in Public Administration (MPA), UNC
(2) Master in Guidance and Counseling

C. Administrative Positions Held
(1) High School Guidance Counselor, public high school
(2) Acting High School Principal, public high school
(3) Dean, College of Education (9 years), Naga College Foundation
(4) Director, Researc Department (9 years), University of Luzon, 1998 – 2007
(5) Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Education, Colegio de Dagupan, 2011

D. Non-academic Positions Held
(1) Adviser, Supreme Student Government (SSG)
(2) Adviser, School Paper, CHS/CDPS
(3) Thesis and Dissertation Editor – LC/UL
(4) Editor, Research Vistas, UL
(5) President, CHS and NCF Faculty Club
(6) Lifetime Member – Society of Filipino Authors (a national organization)
(7) President, United Bari Residents Association (UBRA), Mangalen, Pangasinan

E. Honors/Awards Received
(1) Medal/Ribbon on First Honorable, HS Graduation
(2) University Scholar, National University, 1970 – 1971
(3) Best in School Spirit Award, La Salle College
(4) Most Popular Faculty Member, NGF
(5) Outstanding College Instructor, NCF
(6) Third Place Winner, National Open Essay Writing Competition held in Manila, Award held in Malacañang Hall

Dr. Mariano M. Ariola
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